Aoos, the only Greek river that flows outside the Greek borders, for a unique experience rafting, The upper part reaches the 5th degree of difficulty The more endearing way Aoos River runs from the bridge Aoou between the villages Palioseli and Vrisohori and ends at the bridge of Konitsa. The route is demanding, having continuous high difficulty V and VI grades, length is 15 km. And the duration of 4-8 hours, depending on the river flow.

Route A) Experience a thrilling experience with the Vara of rafting going down the river Aoos Konitsa. The rafting route starts at the Monastery area mouth and below the dam Aoou with consecutive third grade passages we head towards the largest in Greece, the bridge Aoou, a marvel of architecture, with a length of 40 meters and a height of 20. In the area dominates the green gorge, the stone bridge in the area of ​​Konitsa and the unique natural scenery make the trip truly magnificent. Medium difficulty route 3rd degree lasting 40 minutes

Route B) Aoos with his association with Voidomatis, followed by a quieter course 2nd degree route starts from the iron bridge in bourazana we pass by the ruins of the destroyed most Mesogefyra and ends just before the border near Molyvdoskepasti Monastery. Easy route for beginners 1 hour

Location: Aoos
Difficulty: 5-6