Arachthos (3 Root)


Rafting Arachthos: ( total of 4 routes ) One of the most beautiful rivers in Greece for Rafting isArachthos !

A ) Rafting Arachthos Bridge Tsibovo – bridge Politsa class iv degree of difficulty, duration of the tripRafting 4 hours 18km

Difficult route for Rafting ideal for experience rafters . In the middle of the way we stop for a swim in the waterfall Klifki before continuing the Rafting we drink a hot tea and eat chocolate for a burst of energy ! .we start the Rafting in Arachthos impressive with many springs, waterfalls , coming out of the canyon Arahthos we pass the bridge of Plaka, the largest arch bridge in Greece and we continue at Bridge Tzari ideal for high water level with huge waves!

Meeting point Ioannina-Bridge Plaka

The activity of Rafting including: Transfer with mini-bus, Rafting boats, uniforms , shoes neoprene, helmets Rafting – lifejackets, paddles, waterproof gloves and neoprene Rafting (in winter periods), dressing rooms, photos on cd, GoPro video camera for extreme sports ( usb 8 GB with you ). specific weather conditions create ideal routes for Rafting and kayaking all seasons

Location: Arachthos
Difficulty: 4