Arachthos Wild Root


Rafting routes Arachthos (4 routes in a !-Wild Route Tented Camp) One of the most beautiful rivers inGreece for Rafting is Arachthos ! Τzoumerka area

Rafting Arachthos Bridge Krapsi -Bridge Tsimpovo – Bridge Politsas – Brighe Plaka – Bridge Tzari ( iv rapids) degree of difficulty, duration of the trip Rafting 8-10 hours 45km

Difficult Rafting route ideal for experienced rafters with bold ripples and rocks consecutive grand canyonRafting on the path ,we stop to drink some hot tea and eat chocolate for a burst of energy ! in bridge Tsimpovo . We continue with difficult rapids iv until we get to the bridge Politsa . Overnight in tents and barbeque after a demanding course Rafting Next day waking up and refitted boats Rafting for the next big trip !

We start from the bridge Politsa and we stop for a swim in the waterfall Klifki the continuation of the path cross the canyon Rafting Arachthos impressive with many springs, waterfalls , coming out of the canyon Arahthos pass the bridge of Plaka, the largest arch bridge in Greece and continue to bridge Tzari , ideal for high water level with huge waves ! Back from the Rafting trip with strong impressions and memories having traversing all navigable rivers Arahthos route !

Meeting point Ioannina

The activity of Rafting including: Transfer with mini-bus – Rafting boats, uniforms , shoesneoprene”>neoprene, helmets, Rafting lifejackets, paddles, waterproof gloves and neoprene Rafting ( in winter periods ) , barbeque, photos on cd, GoPro video camera for extreme sports ( usb 8 GB with you ). Excludes scenes opportunity to stay in a hostel in the area.

Location: Arachthos
Difficulty: 4