The bow and arrow hunting and war have origins lost in the mists of time. There are indications for use of the arc referring to the Paleolithic Age, 20,000 years ago. All peoples of the world have in their history, indications for use of the bow. Of the inhabitants of the frozen north to those in the land of fire, we all owe a significant part of our evolutionary path to the hoop.

It is the first weapon that enabled them to attack humans from a distance of more than one cover manual and was therefore, with the javelin, the first ekivola weapons. The arch is nothing else than a great machine storage of soft potential energy of the human body and its conversion into a motor output instantaneously. Undoubtedly this is the first invention achieves saving energy through deformation of the material and with huge time difference from the second we could say that it is the catapult or spring came much later. All the peoples of antiquity, others less and others more, used the bow as a weapon of war other than hunting.

The first historically attested use of the bow was made by the ancient Egyptians about 5,000 years ago, against the Persians who fought even with spears and slingshots. It was a long piece of rubber wood using a tendon (string) took a curved shape.

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