Canyoning Deos – Metsovo


The canyon Deos is 30 ‘from Ioannina near Metsovo, on the northeast side of Mountain Lakmos Crossing the canyon starting to be narrow and  impressive! The second part of the canyon, when we  make a 11 meter rappel we get in a half-moon room. 

That’s where awe(Deos) begins! The next 25 rappel  is in darkness and the room you will find is a place with Deos!

The amount of water in the spring is a lot from  the snow of Lakmos mountain , and has water all year 



Canyoning tour Details:

  • Rappel : 8 waterfalls 
  • Smaller rappel: 8m –bigger 25m
  • Duration :5 hours
  • Hiking entrance: 15 minutes 
  • Hiking to start:  45 minutes
  • Provided canyoning equipment :neoprene suits, helmet, bontrie ropes neoprene socks 
  • Free videos and photo(Go Pro camera)
  • Meeting point Ioannina or Metsovo 
  • Necessary equipment from you: Second pair of shoes that will get wet ,towel and swimwear  


Location: Deos - Metsovo