Canyoning Klifki –Tzoumerka


The Klifki Gorge is located next to the village  Kalentzi in Katsanochoria, Epirus area (Tzoumerka). It is easily accessible, since after 10 minutes of hiking we reach the canyon. In the canyon  we hike for about 1 hour more ,Then the canyon getting narrows and starts to descend, initially one 16m and then some smaller. Finally, the canyon narrows even further to give a beautiful waterfall of 25m and ] a big 50m waterfall  having the view Arachthos river. In the end of the rappel there is an underground river that greatly multiplies the volume of water and followed by the Klifki waterfalls before the canyon join Arachthos. 


Canyoning tour Details:

  • Rappel : 10 waterfalls 
  • Smaller rappel: 8m –bigger 50m
  • Duration :6 hours
  • Hiking entrance: 60 minutes 
  • Hiking to start:  50 minutes
  • Provided canyoning equipment :neoprene suits, helmet, bontrie ropes neoprene socks 
  • Free videos and photo(Go Pro camera)
  • Meeting point Tzoumerka or  Ioannina 
  • Necessary equipment from you: Second pair of shoes that will get wet ,towel and swimwear  


Location: Klifki –Tzoumerka