The word canyoning is English and means “canyoning”.
Describes a complex activity (extreme) that combines hiking, climbing, snowboarding rocks, passing river and swimming. When encountered waterfalls, including jumping from a height into water. According to the dictionary, “a canyon is a narrow, deep and steep ravine formed between two mountains or hills due to the continued erosion of the soil by the waters of the impetuous torrents.”
In Greece, the canyoning (canyoning), is a relatively new activity but grows quickly, winning many fans.

Conditions for canyoning (canyoning):

Always in small groups led by an experienced guide and after proper planning.
The individuals involved must be physically fit, know swimming.

How are canyoning (canyoning):

It starts at the entrance of the gorge, which is usually the highest point.
The output is at the lowest point of the gorge, following the river flow.
Many times you need to walk in the river, and even swim. There are natural barriers, such as, eg, small waterfalls and potholes, which descend with the help of climbing equipment and ropes. Their amount ranges from 5 to 50 meters

Canyoning Vikaki (gorge without ropes):

It starts from Tsepelovo village. The route involves walking and swimming. It is a beautiful canyon with duration 4-5 hours of moderate difficulty level. The end of the route is the village Kipi-Zagori Ioannina region.

Canyoning Gorge -katarraktis Klifkis:

It starts from the village fathers and terminates the River Arachthos. Difficult route (the route can be combined with the rafting activity. Tzoumerka-Ioannina Region.

Canyoning Gorge-Papadima:

It starts from the village and ends in Charokopou Tsimpovo bridge. Moderate route. Duration 1.5 ora.Periochi-Tzoumerka Ioannin

Location: Zagori - Tzoumerka