Climbing, an exciting sport that last is widespread because of its excitement, it can be executed almost anywhere without requiring a very expensive equipment and training.

In rock climbing the athlete climbs the “face” of the rock using his knowledge, experience and physical strength. His is supported to the embossed surface, ie certain points (recesses, protrusions, cracks, etc.) that can be caught and step on. It requires concentration, coordination, flexibility, fitness, patience, a clear mind, courage and imagination, all developed by training and practice.

Rock climbing brings athlete into contact with nature, trains and strengthens his or her body and mind, improves his physical condition and mental strength and gives intense moments and satisfaction when he or she conquers the top and achieves his or her goal. But it is a challenging sport as it requires continuous effort. The ascent can take more than one hour at a time or even more.

Ioannina Island: This path is located in the islet of Pamvotis Lake, right in the side of its single regional road. This type of climbing has a training character as there are secured routes where the difficulty level does not exceed VI.

Kastritsa: The trail is located southeast of the lake, on the way to Drossochori Village, and is 11km outside of Ioannina. The mountain Kastritsa includes trails where the rocks do not exceed 35-40m high and the difficulty level ranges between III and VI.

Location: Pambotida - Ioannina
Δυσκολία: 3 - 6