The hike (river trekking) divided into simple and mountainous.
In the first category, the minimum distance traveled is 5 km. (About one-two hours) and takes place in soils with very little slope (no differences in elevation) and light equipment.

In the second category, the distance of 15-20 km. And 5-8 hours are the norm. Special equipment and special winter must be appropriate. Mountain hiking can be done on any mountain.


The key features of the hike is the elevation difference of the route, which can reach 500-600 m. And the fact that the course is usually at altitudes greater than 500 m.


Trekking River Voidomatis: Top of path walking down the bridge of Aristi (Voidomatis). The route crossing is near the cleanest river in Europe! The entire route is located in the heart of the National Park Vikos-Aoos, halfway there is the monastery of Saints – Agion, and ends at the old bridge locked.

The route runs from 130-200 hours and characterized easy and accessible for everyone! Zagoria Area.

Trekking Vikos Gorge: Top of the hiking path down from Monodendri village. The route which crosses inside the Vikos Gorge, one of the most beautiful and largest canyons in Greece! It takes 500 hours and at the end of the route we find the sources of Voidomatis, and ends in the village of Vikos. The route is characterized moderate. Zagoria Area.

Trekking DrakolimniTymfis: Top of path walking down the small Papingo. The path to the Drakolimni and Homecoming takes 9-10 hours for a one-day hike. But we have the opportunity to spend the night in the shelter Astrakas making walking easier during hours and fatigue. The route is characterized moderate. Zagoria Area.

Trekking Lygiades-Shelter Mitsikeli: Top of the hiking path defined by the controls without Lygiades. The route crossed the mountain Mitsikeli, overlooking the city of Ioannina. The journey takes 3 hours and is characterized easy. Ioannina Region.

Location: Zagori - Ioannina