Kayak Wildwater


The kayak wildwater boat car is made ​​from durable polyethylene and the length of the boat starts from 2.2m up to 3.20m and is designed for rushing waters (rivers). O kayaker seated rowing in kayak with paddle which has the edges of the 2 ladles , the vessel uses a special hood Neoprene ( spraydeck ) the apron) to avoid the clear waters filled kayak. The kayak is much more flexible than a boat rafting, the current of the river is what determines its course as we paddle with Our avoid possible obstacles in our path, absolute and extreme speed of the water and the ripples increase in andrenalini maxium, this extremely enjoyable tour takes a lot of fitness.

Equipment needed: Stoli neoprene, helmet, life jacket, neoprene shoes, waterproof.

The kayak is more extreme than the rafting and need special education through our company’s schools to someone able to descend the river safely (in schools). The courses include practical and theoretical part of:

  • Knowledge kayak equipment and usefulness of this
  • Learning ydatopografias rivers
  • Driving techniques kayak
  • Adaptation techniques depending on the driving factors (water level, current speed, weather conditions, volume Crew)
  • Swimming in rapids
  • Rescue, first aid