Night Rafting


Rafting with full moon (. FULL MOON RAFTING Arachtos.)

The night rafting descents begin the month in August in the river Arachthos The night Rafting in Arachtos unique experience, with the moonlight. The descent takes place on the full moon of August. Beautiful route with special conditions raising the adrenaline. The beginning of the trail is the bridge of Politsa and ending the bridge of Plaka Tzoumerka region

In the middle of the route of the rafting we stop for a swim in the waterfall of Klifkis magic full moon has spread! Then the path Rafting cross the gorge of Arachthos the moonlight creates magical images guided by shimmer through the narrow gorge, the night becomes day and the magic unfolds the rocks and sources !! leaving the canyon Arahthos arrive at the bridge of Plaka, the largest arch bridge in Greece.

In the activity of Rafting included: transportation by buses of our company, Rafting boat, suits, neoprene shoes, helmets Rafting life jackets, paddles, waterproof, photos on cd, helmets and paddles our place phosphorescent lights

At the end of the route provide your food in (grill !!!) – drinks as well as photographs from the descent.

Departure from Ioannina or from the bridge plate termination of the route, which gives the possibility of free camping for those who wish to camp by the river

Location: Arachtos
Difficulty: 5-6