Sea Kayak


The kayak is light, elongated vessels without keel, powered by the muscular power of one or more rowers who use paddle-double or single.

Originally, Native Americans made their canoes from lightweight wood frame, which they dressed him with bark, and waterproofed with resin. The canoe was tailored to the needs of manufacturers and their nomadic life. Usually could fit one or two rowers and a load. It was also so light, so the paddler could carry on the head of the canoes of several miles, when circumstances forced him out of the water

The kayak is smaller than canoes, stabbing with bow and stern and usually with only one opening. There sits the rower uses double-piece paddle, with outstretched legs and buried in front. Thus the body from the waist up appears to be an extension of the vessel. The Eskimos produced the kayak from seal skins or other animals in a wood (or stays whales) frame and then rubbed with animal fat to the waterproofing.

Literally kayak means “hunting boat”. The rower wearing a waterproof cover around his waist (spray skirt) which is secured to kayak, covering the opening and preventing water from entering the vessel.

The kayak because construction is very light and flexible.

The canoe and kayak today are made from a variety of materials and have many different uses. Dominating the modern plastics and fiberglass fairmper. Their length ranges from two and a half meters by four meters and are mainly used for recreation and sport.

There are different types for downloading rivers (whitewater) and browsing (touring), and one or more rowers.

The canoe and kayak gained great popularity in recent years,
they allow a person to come into contact with nature in an exciting way, alone or with company, to one-day or multi-day trips and at rates designated by him

Lake Pamvotis (Ioannina):
The route starts from the premises of Limnopoula Ioannina.

We cross the waters of Pamvotida through the boats we can see rare species of birds that are hidden to the lake.
We are able to make the journey to stop the Island of Ioannina and climb the climbing area of the island.
Lane characterized easy and duration of 2:30 hours.

Location: Ioannina