Venetikos Α


Rafting on the river Venice route 3rd degree of difficulty, starting from the bridge between the villages Trikomo – Monachiti and ends at five-arched bridge Spanos journey time Rafting 2 ώρες

Easy route Rafting ideal for beginners in bold ripples, rich in flora and bird population. Entyposiakotati route passing stone bridges 16th and 17th century! !

The double-arched bridge railing, the three-arched bridge of Aziz Aga, the bridge of Stavropotamou with four arches and five-arched bridge Spanos
In the activity of Rafting included: transportation by buses of our company, Rafting boat, suits, neoprene shoes, helmets Rafting life jackets, paddles, waterproof gloves and neoprene Rafting (in winter periods), photos on cd, video with GoPro camera for extreme sports (provided usb 8 GB you) Meeting point Grevena

Location: Venetikos
Difficulty: 2