Archery in Zagorochoria
and Tzoumerka


Try and hit the target with a bow and arrow, amidst the beautiful landscape of Zagorochoria and Tzoumerka! Archery is an easy and fun activity, ideal for beginners and families with children.


Archery is easy and ideal for beginners and families with children.  The equipment we use (bow and arrow) is professional and is included in the activity, on all 3 areas that we cover.  In Zagorochoria, Ioannina and Tzoumerka-Ioannina. 

A few words about archery

The bow and arrow were used for battles and hunting, and their origin is lost back in time. There are evidence of bow and arrow use all the way back to the stone age, 20,000 years ago.  All the different people of the past have shown some evidence of using bow and arrow.  From those in the frozen north, to the ones in Tierra del Fuego, we owe them, for how the bow and arrow have evolved over the years.

It is the first weapon which allows people to attack from a distance, greater than that with a knife. Hence, along with the spear they were the first ranged weapons.

The bow is an amazing, device able to store human potential energy and turn it into kinetic in a split second.  It is undoubtedly one of the first inventions, able to store energy through material warping. It is important to note that the second invention (the catapult or springs) were invented many, many years later.   Every people in ancient times, used bow and arrow as a battle weapon and not only as a hunting one.

The first historically confirmed use of bow can be found in the ancient Egyptians, around 5,000 years ago, against the Persians who still used spears and slingshots. It was a long piece of elastic wood, which thanks to a tendon (string) took its arched shape.

Book now and travel in time, while doing Archery in Zagorochoria and Tzoumerka, with Active Nature.

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During the activity, Archery in Zagorochoria and Tzoumerka the following are provided:

  • All the Archery equipment
  • Civil Liability Insurance

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