Hot Dog

Two - Seat Raft

You can navigate the river in a two-seat inflatable raft (raft hot dog), which is narrower, and much more manoeuvrable than the one in rafting, while the paddle are used to efficiently navigate around obstacles.


It is one of the most exciting and thrilling activities in river waters that will give you a high adrenaline-rush and the ultimate sense of freedom.

Safety comes always first, and that’s why a certified professional athlete-guide of Active Nature will accompany you in another raft, throughout the route.

This activity can take place on any river.

Contact us and experience this unique activity of two-seater rafting (hot dog), while enjoying the safety and security provided by our certified, river-sport, guide-athletes of Active Nature.

Christos Nikolaou

6937 667 799 & 6987 111 398


During the activity, two-seater rafting (hot dog), the following are provided:

  • Certified guides, champions in river sports.
  • Boats and paddles, neoprene suits, shoes, helmets, life jackets, anoraks and all the Rafting equipment
  • Transportation in our own mini buses.
  • Video and photos recorded on a GoPro (you must have an 8gb or above USB stick)
  • Be insured against all liability
  • Barbecue

All you have to provide is:

  • A towel
  • A bathing-suit

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