Kayak Wildwater

The Kayak Wild water is one-seat vessel made from polyethylene and its length spans from 2.2m to 3.2m and it is designed for wild waters (rivers)


The kayaker is rowing seated inside the kayak, with a two-sided paddle. In the boat we use a special neoprene cover (spray deck) so that the kayak does not hold any water.

The Kayak is much more manoeuvrable that a rafting boat, the river stream dictates its course, while we avoid any obstacles using the paddle provided. The ultimate extreme sport as the white water and the speed increases your adrenaline to the max This pleasant activity requires you to be in a very good shape.

During the activity Kayak Wild water, the following are provided:

  • Neoprene suit
  • helmet
  • Life vest
  • Neoprene shoes
  • raincoat

The kayak is more extreme than rafting, and requires special training provided by our company’s schools, so that someone can navigate the river safely.  The lessons include practice and theory:

  • Knowing the kayak equipment as well as its uses.
  • Learning the river topography
  • Kayak navigating techniques
  • Adapting the navigating techniques, based on factors such as: water level, current speed, weather, crew number
  • Swimming in wild water
  • Rescuer – first aid).

Contact us and experience Kayak Wildwater, enjoying the safety provided by our certified Active Nature guides.

Christos Nikolaou

6937 667 799 & 6987 111 398

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