The sport of paragliding has been around since the mid ’80s. It has seen rapid expansion however, worldwide, thanks to its ease to learn, low cost, safety and satisfaction it offers.


Especially Greece is the ideal destination for this sport, as the climate and land conditions are very favourable.

The paragliding or else “parapente” (from the French “para” which stands for parachute and “pente” which stands for hillside) allows people to experience a human desire, as old as the human species itself: flying

It allows anyone to fly like a bird and experience something unforgettable. As its Greek name explains, it is a “special” parachute, which allows anyone to fly from a hillside, regardless its altitude (the weather must allow it of course) and no engine is required.

The take-off occurs from the ground, with the operator running down a hillside and then detach from it.

The flight occurs thanks to gravity, the air and the human operator. Since it is not a flying machine, from the moment it takes off, the parapente will naturally lose altitude due to gravity.  However, thanks to its shape and design, it creates upthrust and continues moving forward, while losing altitude.

The descent ratio (how many meters of altitude it loses per minute) varies, depending on the category, the design, the weather, the operator’s experience. It is designed in such a way, to harness the wind and the wind stream, and stay on the air for as long as possible. This way the flight can last from a few minutes to several hours, depending on your mood and weather.

The parapente weighs from 10 to 15 kilos and it’s easy to put back to a backpack by one person.

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