Sea Kayak

Ioannina lake

Experience something unique, the Sea Kayak in Ioannina lake A very easy, fun, 2.5-hour long activity, under the guidance of certified and experienced athlete-guides, ideal for beginners and families with children


Pamvotida lake, which is the name of Ioannina lake, has a surface of approximately 20 square kilometres, with an average depth of 4-5metres and a maximum of 11 metres. It is located at 483m above sea level. 


Flora reaches all the way its shoreline, and on the waters, you can see the reflection of Epirus mountains.  It is a very much alive part of flora and fauna of the area, while in its waters, you can find eels and crayfish.  Pamvotida stands for “the one who feeds everyone”.


The lake area is a protected Natura reserve.


In the middle of the Lake one can find the isle of Ioannina where the homonymous settlement with its 350 residents is built.


Our route begins in the premises of Limnopoula of Ioannina, and crosses Pamvotida.


On board the Sea Kayaks we can watch all the rare birds, hiding in the lake’s wetland, and enjoy the view of all the surrounding mountains.


In the middle of the route, we can stop on the isle of Ioannina and do some rock climbing, provided there on the isle.


Along the way we will meet:

  • The Saint Panteleimonas Monastery, where Ali Pasas was killed in 1822.


Contact us and experience the unique adventure of Sea Kayak in Ioannina lake, enjoying the safety and security provided by our own Active Nature’ certified and experienced, river sport, athlete-guides.

Christos Nikolaou

6937 667 799 tel:+36937667799& 6987 111 398


A few words about sea kayak

Kayaks have a light, long and narrow frame without a keel. They need one, or more paddlers to move, who use a single or double-sided paddle.

Initially, Native Americans, would make the canoes out of a light wooden frame, which they would then cover with tree bark and waterproof with resin.

Canoes were very much adapted to the needs of their makers as well as their nomadic lifestyle.  Usually, a canoe would fit 1 or 2 paddlers and some cargo.  They were so lightweight, that the paddler could carry the canoe, for several kilometres, on his head, when the circumstances would force them out of the water.

Kayaks are smaller in size than canoes, they have a pointier bow and usually have a single cockpit.  The cockpit is where the paddler is sitting, they use a double-sided paddle, with their legs stretched all the way to the front section of the kayak.  Hence, their bodies, from the waist up, look like the kayak’s extension.

Eskimoes would make their kayaks out of seal leather, or other animal parts, which they would attach on a wooden (or whalebone) frame. They would then apply animal fat to waterproof the kayaks.

Literally, kayak means “hunting boat”.  The paddler is wearing a waterproof cover around their waist (spray skirt) which is attached on the kayak, covering the cockpit, and preventing any water from entering the kayak.

Kayaks are very lightweight and manoeuvrable.

Canoes and kayaks today are made out of a variety of materials, and have several uses.  Mostly, they are made out of modern plastic and fiberglass.  They length spans from 2.5m to 4m and they are mainly used for recreation and exercise.

There are different types of kayak, for whitewater and touring, for one or more paddlers.

Canoes and kayaks, gained popularity in the past few years, since they allow people to become one with nature, in a very exciting way, alone or with friends, in single or multiple day trips and at their own pace.

During the activity Sea Kayak in Ioannina lake the following are provided:

  • Certified guides, champions in river sports.
  • Sea Kayak and paddles, life-jackets and all the sea kayak equipment.
  • Free video and photos, recorded with a GoPro (you will need to bring an at least 8gb USB stick)
  • Civil Liability Insurance

All you have to provide is:

  • Towel
  • Bathing Suit

Meeting Point:

Pamvotida lake (Ioannina):

Availability - Cost - Activity Hours

  • Every day of the week – March to November
  • 10:00am
  • Minimum 2 people
  • Maximum 8 people
  • Cost per person 60 Euro
  • Ages 14+ accompanied by a legal guardian

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