COVID-19: Protection Measures
to reduce the virus spread.

Dear friends,

We would like to inform Active Nature offices, follow all the hygiene protocols, regarding the Outdoor Activities sector, based on instructions by

Our primary concern is to ensure all participants’ safety in every activity that we organise. Below you will find more information regarding our practices:

  • We have installed hand sanitisers in all our enclosed spaces and means of transport.
  • Daily body temperature readings are taken from our staff, and have been trained to uphold all the necessary safety measures.
  • During transport we apply all the government hygiene protocols.  Masks are compulsory. Windows are open and no air conditioning is used.
  • Changing rooms can only be used in teams (pairs, families etc)
  • Masks are compulsory during transport but not during the activity.
  • There are only 8 people per Rafting boat, and we try to assign them by group if possible.
  • All our equipment is disinfected when not possible (e.g.: materials that deteriorate by disinfectant use) we allow re-use 3 days later.
  • All meals are provided or served in single-portion packaging, and all the necessary protocols are followed while preparing them.
  • We follow all the authorised by the government hygiene protocols and we also hold a contact tracing file.
  • In case we suspect a participant might be a covid-19 carrier (cough, illness, cold etc) we will take a body temperature reading and if their temperature exceeds 37.6°C, we have the right to refuse participation in the activity.