Hotel Spiridoula


Hotel Spiridoula is located in a beautiful location in Kleidonia, Ioannina, right next to Voidomatis river and the great single-arched stone bridge (1853)


Vikos-Voidomatis gorge are 1km away. The hotel’s location is ideal for activities such as hiking in Vikos gorge, rafting, rock climbing, horse-riding and it’s the perfect starting point for field trips, trips to Papigo, Vikos gorge and Drakolimni.

The hotel features a breakfast room, and a beautiful living room both with a fireplace, free parking, 9 large, double or triple family rooms and one, 2-part apartment with five beds.


A) for 2 people: 1 night (breakfast included) and 1 Rafting in Voidomatis trip 100€

B) For 4 people: 1 night (with breakfast) and 1 Rafting in Voidomatis trip 160€


You need to make a phone booking on 69376677996987111398 (Christos Nikolaou) at least 4 days prior to the date of the rafting trip.


Rafting Schedule:

Live the adventure while rafting in Voidomatis.  Take part in a Class 1, 2 hour and 7km long route, under the guidance of certified and experienced athletes-guides, perfect for beginners and families with children 5 years old or older.

Voidomatis River, which runs across Vikos-Aoos Nature Reserve, invites you to its crystal-clear waters, to experience with your friends and loved-ones, moments of relaxation, adventure and awe.

With Zagorochoria, as point of departure, caves, gorges, century-old plane trees and sights wait for you to enjoy them. Along with the beautiful waters, they all compose a memorable and unique experience.

Along the way we will meet:

  • The St. Anargiroi Monastery, which dates back to the 16th century.
  • The single-arched bridge in Kleidonias of Epirus
  • while we will also have the opportunity to cross the very amusing waterfall of the artificial dam, on a rafting boat

This specific water route, ensures ideal rafting circumstances, every time of the year

Meeting Point:

 Kleidonia – base Active Nature’s changing rooms

During the activity, Rafting in Voidomatis, the following are provided:

  • Certified guides, champions in river sports.
  • Boats and paddles, neoprene suits, shoes, helmets, life jackets, anoraks and all the Rafting equipment needed
  • Transportation in our own mini buses.
  • Free video and photos, recorded with a GoPro (you will need to bring an at least 8gb USB stick)
  • Civil Liability Insurance

All you have to provide is:

  • Towel
  • Bathing Suit

  • Share:

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